Sweet potato- taquitos to be


I’ve got two sweet potatoes sitting on my counter that I need to use.  Such a situation doesn’t seem too complicated- I love sweet potatoes, and I find that they need very little alteration.  My visceral response to a sweet potato is to scrub it, throw it on a pan, drizzle it with olive oil, pop it in the oven and anticipate the joyful moment when it is perfectly roasted. 

I typically open the oven to find the skin blistering with little pockets of the potato’s natural sugar.  I let it cool slightly, then cut it open and top it with butter, coarse sea salt and fresh ground pepper.  With each bite I enjoy the sweet tender interior of the potato accented by the slightly crunchy,earthy and rich skin; such a perfect food needs so little.  However…

I wanted to do something different.  With a recent craving for taquitos, I thought, “Yum!” So, tomorrow I’ll try making spiced sweet potato and goat cheese taquitos with a roasted jalapeño dipping sauce. 

We’ll see how it goes!

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